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Winter 2021

The winter is right around the corner and Mr. Bill swim school is ready to start taking registrations for our winter programming. Our winter programs differ from the school year by providing an intensive approach to learning over a full week.  When you book, you are selecting a week of lessons, 5 days in a row.  This approach is great for all learners and maximizes the learning experience.


Need more information about our swim school? 


LOCATION: Dutch Inn Hotel Pool - Cornwall

LESSON LENGTH: 30min per day

PRIVATE: $175 per person includes the tax

SEMI-PRIVATE: $125 per person includes the tax (siblings or friends for the extra swimmers)


We will have an average of three instructors available for each time slot.  Unless 100% necessary we are unable to guarantee a certain instructor at this time.  You can include a request for a specific instructor.

Booking a Meeting


We book the old fashioned way, manually via email.   While it takes longer to complete we find it works best with our private/semi-private lessons. With that in mind, follow these steps when booking.


  1.  Indicate what week(s) you want from the choices below

  2.  Indicate a time frame you are available (Larger time frame increases chances of a spot)

Email your selections to 


WEEK#1:JULY 5th-9th 8am-2:00pm (Full)

WEEK#2:JULY 12th-16th 8am-2:00pm (Full)

WEEK#3:JULY 19th-23rd 8am-2:00pm (80% filled)

WEEK#4:JULY 26th-30th 8am-2:00pm (80% filled)

WEEK#5:AUGUST 2nd-6th 8am-2:00pm(40% filled)

WEEK#6:AUGUST 9th-13th 8am-2:00pm(40% filled)

WEEK#7:AUGUST 16th-20th 8am-2:00pm(40% filled)


We look forward to serving your learn to swim needs this winter.  Please reach out with any questions!

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