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Meet The Team


William Calhoun

"Mr. Bill"

Swimming History

  • Started teaching swimming in 1995

  • Created the business May 2019

Favorite Techniques

  • Front Crawl to swim

  • Butterfly as a coach

  • Elementary Back as an instructor

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As a child I was always a big fan of water.  As a young child I had a near drowning experience in a backyard pool due to a lack of fear of water.  Because of this I was enrolled in Red Cross swimming and I finished my levels very young and was recruited by the local pool to take my Lifeguarding and teaching certificates once I was old enough.  Soon after becoming a swimming instructor I actually switched to competitive swimming.  As a competitive swimming coach there was always a great deal of “teaching” involved at all levels.  As a head coach I also lead a team of coaches and instructors for many of those years within their swim schools. 

Away from the pool I enjoy fishing, playing with our new family pug “Milo” and raising Chickens and Quail!  I am married to my lovely wife Natalie Williams-Calhoun who is a professional cellist and member of the Atlantic String Machine.  I a father of son Lucas who loves to draw, play video games and tennis!

I have always believed that everyone should be given that chance to “be the best they can be” and with Mr. Bill Swim School I hope to be part of making PEI the first province where every person can swim by the time they are 10 years old!

Owner / Aquatics Specialist

Tiffannee Green-Bernard


Swimming History​

  • Started teaching and lifeguarding since 2009

  • Started with Mr. Bills Swim School January 2020

Favorite Technique

  • Breast Stroke to swim and as an instructor

Hey, My name Tiffannee Green-Bernard. I been with Mr. Bills Swim School since January 2020...  My favorite stroke is breast stroke . I’ve been teaching and lifeguarding since 2009. I decided to leave my job and find something I was passionate about doing.  Swimming has been apart of my life since I was a child. I was on the swimming team and diving teams and took lessons as a child. I am passionate about making a difference in children's lives when it comes to swimming, as I feel it's essential in life to learn swimming. I specialize in working with children with special needs. I have a multi-inclusion training certificate from Ontario where I worked with people with brain injuries, deaf, autism, paraplegics, amputees ADHD, to name a few over my year of teaching and had great success... I come from away :) from Ontario born and raised where I spent most of my days, then I moved to the island 5 years ago to raise my family. I have one son who is now 7 and a hubby who is from the island. My passion is to work with tons of inclusion children and to make a difference.  

Head Instructor


Madi Gallant

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Hunter Pierce

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Benjamin Arsenault


Swimming History​

  • Started teaching since 2017

  • Started with Mr. Bills Swim School February 2021

Favorite Technique​

  • Back Stroke to swim

  • Back Stroke as an instructor

Hello everyone!! 

My name is Benjamin Arsenault, and I’ve been teaching with Mr. Bill Swim School since February 2021. I’ve been teaching swimming lessons since I was 15 years old (currently giving me around 3-4 years of experience give or take), and have taught for at least two other organizations thus far. My favorite stroke to both swim and teach is the front crawl, however I also occasionally enjoy swimming the elementary backstroke. I have always been great with kids (and super involved in swimming/water-based activities), so when I heard there was a job opportunity that integrated these two skills together, I knew it was a working environment that I could thrive in. I also remembered being quite fond of my experience taking swimming lessons when I was younger (something I progressed quickly in), and knew that if I could deliver the same positive experiences to other people, they’d have positive memories to look back on too. 

Lead Instructor:

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