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General Policies

  • For private lessons only: You may reschedule 1 lesson per session, please advise your instructor at least a day in advance. Same day or additional cancellations will be considered a lost class
  • Bring your own towel (pool towels are off limits), goggles are also recommended
  • Clients are not permitted to use the hot tubs, saunas, or any services reserved for pool members or guests. This damages our relationship with the pool, be mindful
  • Children who are not fully potty trained must wear a swim diaper and rubber pants
  • Whenever possible, only 1 parent may accompany each swimmer on pool deck
  • Always check your messages before your lesson. Last minute changes do occasionally happen

Safety Policies

  • Only registered swimmers may only go in the water during their lesson, and must exit immediately after their lesson. Absolutely no free swim before or after class

  • Safety is everyone’s responsibility: Report any unsafe behavior or rule breaches

  • Abide by all posted pool rules and keep all pool doors closed

  • Never leave your child alone in the pool area at any time & observe all lessons


How Can I Register?

  • You can register online by email at anytime. If we are currently in the middle of a session you will be placed on our waiting list for an upcoming session. This will ensure you better priority during the registration process. We will email all our clients on our waiting list first, which is why you should email as soon as possible, even if the session is still months away.

  • Please Contact Us today!

Why Should I Book Private versus Group Lessons?

  • Private lessons allow swimmers to advance faster and stay actively engaged during the entire lesson. In group classes, especially for younger kids and non-swimmers, kids often sit on the side, waiting their turn, and only benefit from a small portion of actual swim time per class.

Can I Request For My Child's Lessons To Be Taught By Their Favourite Teacher?

  • While we cannot make any promises, we’ll certainly take your requests into account and try to accommodate your preferences as best as we can. We understand that different students respond to different teaching styles and we’ll make sure your child has the opportunity to receive the full learning experience.

Can I Sign Up For Classes At Any Time?

  • Yes. We accept enrollments on a rolling basis so your child can join at any time that there is appropriate availability.
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