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Notes/updates on our locations!

NOTES (When we move back to Dutch Inn)

  • WEEKDAYS ONLY: We will now have three instructors in the water. The pool will be busier but we will manage the space with no issue. Change rooms will also be busier.

  • If possible, come pre-changed in their suit to reduce changeroom usage

  • Areas to change; two dedicated change rooms, Sauna, two bathrooms

  • We will have 7 different areas to sit around the pool, please proceed to one of these areas when you arrive to limit a log jam at the entrance.

  • Masks are mandatory until you are sitting in a watching area.

  • Swimmers do not wear masks in water

  • Please limit the number of adults coming to watch due to social distancing rules.

  • Sanitization materials are provided - please use where you feel necessary.

  • POOR WEATHER: If a lesson is cancelled they will be made up or credited for future lessons.


  • No issue with space, however we will share the pool with potential SPA members.

  • Two large change rooms and two available private family change room areas

  • All other info above is relevant

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